Friday, 24 April 2009

Short Story Challenge - Further Details

I am delighted to say that the interest shown has far exceeded my expectations. But with interest, there are also some questions. So I will explain my view of the challenge here:
  • It will be a monthly challenge. Beginning on 1st day of every month and ending on the last. You are encouraged to start on the 1st, but if you are super-fast story writer, you can start any time.
  • The purpose is to have one story completed, revised, editted and ideally submitted by the end of the month.
  • Submission - you don't have to post your story here, or on any blog or online. The submission refers to actual paying publications.
  • The purpose behind the monthly challenge is that if we write and submit one story per month, we increase our chances of having fiction published greatly. Regardless of what other writing you do or don't do, you know that every month you will have one thing to send to an editor.
  • To participate and encourage - post comments on the beginning of the month in the challenge post (I will put one up every month), say you have started, give some details if you like. You can mention your progress, encourage others. If you finish it let us know.
  • For those who would like to be encouraged on their own blog, just put a challenge post on your own blog, and leave the link in my comments section so anyone who wishes to come and encourage you, can easily find you.

P.S: Those who have recently signed up, I will add your names to the participants list shortly.


  1. Ah, motivation!!!!!!!!!! You are wonderful : ) Now I just have to figure out how to write short stories (soooo not my medium). Thanks again : )

  2. Will there be any sort of theme or prompt? I think this challenge is a great idea, like a writer's workshop, a bit.

  3. Thats what I was wondering too. I figure that It would be easier to judge if we're all writing a short story focused on the same theme or prompt.

  4. I can put up some optional themes, but I wouldn't insist upon it because people like to write in different genres, different lengths.

    But what I can do is may list 3-4 themes each month, and you can either pick one, or write what you want.

  5. Interesting. Thanks for the follow-up post, it did explain alot. Well, I am interested in the writing one story per month challenge, but as for the part about sending it to the editor as submission- I'm not sure that I'll be able to fulfill that part of the challenge though. I'm still looking at possible editors and publishers that I can send my work to, and don't have a whole lot of options yet. But other than that I'd like to be included!

  6. Sounds good! I've only ever written one completed short story so this will give me the kick up the backside that I think I'll need to get going! I'm not sure the first ones will be publishable but it's a great way to practise writing anyway!

  7. wow...i read this and thought, one story in a month? but then i read more *closely* and discovered it was short stories...and thought it was much more doable then. :) i don't write short stories...never have. but i suppose i could give it a try at some point. i won't sign up for the one-month challenge...b/c i'm currently finishing up a long single title. but sounds like a great accountability group you ahve going!