Sunday, 19 April 2009

Writing Sunday

Despite the hiccups, I did manage to do the re-write for my short story and even started re-write on the novella last night.
So plan for today...
  • finish re-write of the novella (only the beginning is there)
  • further writing on the novella
  • do another edit on the short-story


  1. I'm following my friend's advice to read my short story aloud. Have you tried that method of revision? Obviously hiccups would make it difficult.

  2. Best of luck : ) You're not alone!

  3. Justus,
    Yes, I do read things aloud when editing. It does work. Obviously if you are stuck somewhere then it takes effort getting unstuck, but generally reading it aloud helps me figure out whether the flow of the story is smooth, or if I have used certain words or phrases a lot.

    To be honest, a lot of my trouble is simply the fact that I would rather create more stories than edit them. :P