Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Bookshelf Snooping - Laura Anne Gilman

1. Your childhood favourite
TARAN WANDERER by Lloyd Alexander

2. Your current favouriteNot really sure I have one, actually.  I have many books I love, but none that last beyond the start of the next new fabulous read.  The most recent, maybe was MOON OVER SOHO by Ben Abrahamson (I read the 2nd book first, my bad)

3. Your top five authors
oh, impossible.  But here’re five I value highly…
Lloyd Alexander
Robin McKinley
Dorothy L Sayers
Joe Haldeman
Isaac Bashevis Singer

4. Book(s) you’re reading now
Natana Barron’s PILGRIM OF THE SKY

5. Book(s) you’ve pretended to read
Silas Marner.  I think that’s it.

6. Book(s) you’ve bought for the cover
I have occasionally picked up a book for its cover, but I’ve never bought it, for that reason.

7. Book you’re a champion for
as a former editor, I can honestly say “hundreds.”

8. Book that changed your life
… um… Every book that means something to me changes my life.  Sometimes even books that don’t mean anything to me, change my life.   Phil Dick’s UBIK broke my brain and put it back together.  So did John Irving’s GARP, for a completely different reason.  And likewise everything Roger Zelazny ever wrote.  And Eli Weisel’s NIGHT, and Judy Blume’s ARE YOU THERE GOD,

9. Book you most want to read again for the first time
TARAN WANDERER.  Or maybe THE BLUE SWORD, by Robin McKiney

10. Book you turn to for comfort

11. Favourite line from a book
it’s not a line, but an entire passage, from A FINE AND PRIVATE PLACE, by Peter Beagle, and it ends “All lights go out.  So do all fires, if it’s any comfort.  Love me, and look at me, and remember me, as I’ll remember you.  There’s nothing more.  Sit close and shut up.”

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  1. Thanks for sharing this list, Dolly and Laura. I'm a big Robin McKinley fan too. The Blue Sword is one of my all-time favourite books!

    Emily Gee