Tuesday, 20 December 2011

TBR Pile Reading Challenge

The only kind of shopping I really like these days is book shopping (and handbags, but only when I'm travelling), and as a result, piles of books in my house have increased to scary proportions. Since I keep all my books, that means they all get to stay in one, cosy, happy, crammed place.

So I've set myself a challenge to read at least 100 print books from my TBR pile before I buy any more books. (well this is not written in stone, because I might have to buy some books, otherwise I really could suffer from withdrawal symptoms). As the intention is to make sure I read volumes I have, the rule is one book = one volume. So for example, an omnibus edition with three books, only counts as one for this purpose. Since I do love keeping my book lists, I will keep my TBR Pile Reading Challenge list somewhere too, so you can see what print books I'm reading. 

How big are your TBR piles? Do they get out of control? And when they do, what do you do about it? 


  1. Nice pile of books! And sorry, I don't believe for one minute that you can read 100 books before buying a new book - I predict you'll go into withdrawl and start buying again after 10 books. LOL

    My TBR pile is down to one (six foot high) bookcase now. And I've probably got a few hundred unread books on my Kindle too. The only time it ever really gets out of control is when I've been to the church book sale in May, or when a friend drops off books she gets from various family members (she hasn't done this in a while though). And when my TBR pile gets out of control, that's the best time to buy more books! :-)

  2. Carol,

    I know, it seems impossible to go to 100 without buying new books. But I'm going to try. As of January 1st (because you know, I'm getting new books for Christmas :P) ...I am going to try, and don't worry, I shall report my successes or failures so you guys can mock me!