Thursday, 9 July 2009

Diary - Entry 13/15

19 August 1952 1 A.M. Face it kid, you've had a hell of a lot of good breaks. No Elizabeth Taylor, maybe. No child Hemingway, but god, you are growing up. In other words, you've come a long way from the ugly introvert you were only five years ago. Pats on the back in order? O.K., tan, tall, blondish, not half bad. And brains, 'intuitiveness' in one direction at least. You get along with a great many different kinds of people. Under the same roof, close living, even. You have no real worries about snobbishness, pride, or a swelled head. You are willing to work. Hard, too. You have willpower and are getting to be practical about living - and also you are getting published. So you got a good right to write all you want. Four acceptances in three months - $500 Mille, $25, $10 Seventeen, $4.50 Christian Science Monitor (from caviar to peanuts, I like it all the way). ~ Sylvia Plath

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