Friday, 10 July 2009

Writing a Novel Synopsis

I am one of those people who have hard time summarizing anything. My explanations are more like essays. So when I think of writing a synopsis for a novel, it's a daunting prospect. But here is a little help. In this post, How to Write a Novel Synopsis, many basic formatting points are explained, as well as how should one approach the synopsis. Hope you find it useful too.


  1. All writers fear the dreaded synopsis. I wrote my first one for my Debut Dagger entry (No, I didn't win, but thanks for asking!) and re-wrote it based on tips. It's not a blurb - it's just the bare bones of the story chronologically and shows you have a saleable plot - two A4 pages should suffice.
    A way of practicing is to choose a novel you like and write a synopsis for it.

  2. Thanks Col. That's a good tip. I am trying out writing an outline for a novel I sort of started a while ago, so planning to turn the outline into synopsis later on.