Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The Home of one of the Most Beloved Characters of All Time

221b Baker Street, London
Welcome to the home of Sherlock Holmes
Holmes' Violin
Dr. Watson's Desk


  1. Ooh, nice pics!

    Love those desks. Pity there's no room for a PC. ;-)


  2. Those last two pics are like something out of a Where's Waldo book. Can you spot the magnifying glass? can you spot the revolver? Can you spot the opium pipe? ...okay, maybe not that.

  3. There was a magnifying glass and an opium pipe, but not on Watson's desk. On a little table with Holmes' hat ;)

    Standing there, it is very easy to feel Holmes existing there. Oh yes, and they also had a old man playing Holmes, who very much looked the part, at least to my imagination.

  4. For me, Holmes will always look like Basil Rathbone. :-)

    Wonderful pictures, thanks for sharing!