Sunday, 5 July 2009

A News Report

In the writing workshop I attended last Saturday, we passed pieces of paper with different words around the room, mixing them up. Then, we had to write something for few minutes based on the random words we received. I got: Chipping Sodbury, glass kiln, shocking, coughing, fighting So I wrote this little news item... "A glass kiln in Chipping Sodbury was the last thing anyone could have expected to become the main news for weeks. Shocking as it sounds, this particular glass kiln has people fighting over it. Found in an abandoned allotment in Chipping Sodbury by an old man who coughs more than he breaths, this glass kiln is one of a kind, believed to have been used by a glass blower from 50 years ago. He was famous for his use of Bristol blue glass, and quite mad that one day he destroyed his house, got rid of his possessions and simply disappeared. His curious history and his unique use of the Bristol blue glass has made this kiln one of the prime collector's item. The old man who found it says it belongs to him. The owner of the allotment claims his right, while suddenly the glassblower's heirs have sprung up to stake their own claim. Chipping Sodbury, a quiet little suburbia in the South West hasn't seen such excitement for years."


  1. I love writing workshops. Wish I could actually go to more of them...

    That's pretty awesome. Definitely better than I could do. I'm not so great at speed writing with guidelines like that. Great job. :)

  2. Thanks Jenna. Very kind of you :)