Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Coping with Writing Fear

I think most of us here are aware by now that becoming a published writer is not easy. Most of us have had our taste of rejection (I received one just this evening *sigh*), we have come across discipline issues, confidence issues, writers block, and I am sure there are many many other issues that different writers face. So here is a neat little post (and bit scary) about coping with writing fear. The scary bit is about facing difficulties as a "published author" - one does wish that difficulties would end once we get through the hurdle of being non-published. Have a read and let me know what you think


  1. I really, really enjoyed this article. It is so true, and when you mentioned discipline issues I was totally like, 'Oh dude...she's so right.' Rejections are absolute crap, but I always viewed each one as a personal stepping stool that helped me get to my ultimate goal. Of course, they still stung like hell and made me cry more than once. Sappy writer!

    I feel like getting an agent has so much to do with perfect timing and personal taste that I can't honestly say I believe the writing alone will snag one. It took me sixty rejections to get mine, and I consider myself insanely lucky with how low my rejection number is. Even if you got a thousand rejections, the important thing is that you don't let them define you or have any part in your decision to 'quit'.

    There are so many fears that come with being a writer, and I'm glad you posted this article to let people know that just because things don't go how you expect doesn't mean they can't work out. Awesome post!

  2. Lunar,

    Thank you for your comments. I must say your comments do make me feel better, because I have not yet reached 60 rejections (but then I haven't submitted much). But then no one ever said being a writer was easy.

  3. Good informative post this, LW and useful article link. Nice input from Lunar, too.
    My philosphy is simple: write and read every day, learn the craft and crack on!

  4. Col, I like your philosphy. Reading is piece of cake, trying to stick to writing everyday.