Friday, 31 July 2009

July Short Story Challenge

So how did you do? I have got 2 flash fictions completed - but they still do need editing, so not quite ready for submission stage yet. From next month, I am going to change "Short Story Challenge" into "Word Count Challenge" I have noticed that quite a few of us are focusing on our books rather than spending a lot of time on short stories. So if we do a word-count challenge then we can write what we want, and still participate and hopefully succeed in the challenge. So any suggestions as to how many words per month we should make it? Come on, be ambitious - but realistic and give me some numbers that you would like to aim for.

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  1. Well, I posted several flash pieces to my blog last month...didn't do too badly I don't think. And from one I got an idea for a longer short story that I'm working on for submission, but I'm only a little over 1k in. So not much progress there. Great idea to switch over to a word count challenge!

    I wrote about 10,000 words on my novel WIP this past month - which averages out to 500 wds/5 days per week. I was working on other things too though. I'd like to do slightly more than that this month, if possible...