Monday, 13 July 2009

Writing Goals for Fantasy WIP

I am aiming for a minimum of 120K words, because I figure after editing, the number will go down considerably, so that should give me some leeway.I don't want daily goals, because some days are better than others. But with weekly goals, hopefully, I can be more disciplined during the weekend if work-week hasn't gone well. GOAL
  • This is going to be a hand-written first draft, my goal is to do 38 pages of my A4 notepad, single side, per week. That should be just over 10000 words per week.
  • Starting today, I should have my first draft of 120K finished by 4th October 2009.

So that's the plan. I will post my weekly progress, and please feel free to rant and rave at me, and call me names, if I don't finish my 38 pages per week. In fact, I would appreciate it.


  1. Do you always hand-write your first drafts? I'm just curious. I've tried that twice. Once a journalist saw me writing in a notebook in public, and helpfully (not!) advised me that if I were ever going to be a writer, I needed to learn to compose on the computer. I was in college then.

    The last time, I thought it would make my draft more "portable" for NaNoWriMo. I kept thinking that right up until half-way through the second page, when my fingers started cramping up and my hand refused to move. I'm a wuss when it comes to handwriting anymore. ;-)

    Good luck - I think it's great that you can write it all out. Something about hand-writing a story is just so romantic to my mind (not to my hands)...

  2. My usual method, as mentioned is really erratic, so I end up writing half the stuff on computer and half by hand.

    I have made a decision to try this out by hand because I want to be able to write whenever I fancy even if I am away from PC.

    I am used to writing by hand a lot so it's not a big deal (though cramp does happen). I do believe that it really doesn't matter, nor does it hinder you in any way because you will always have to do a second draft, which could easily be transferred on computer.

    I like hand-written though because it feels more substantial, and it's much better to read than staring at a screen.

  3. I wish you lots of luck!!! :-)

    Providing I remember, I'll rant 'n rave. ;)


  4. Thank you Adam. That's very sweet of you :D

  5. Providing I remember!!!

    Also, you're welcome. :-)


  6. I m also not friendly with PC writting.Emotions n feelings can extract on paper not on a PC. atleast i cant ...but u do it very well. good luck dear...
    hey I saw a electronic paper and pen which directly copied ur writing in PC whtever u write on paper....

  7. LW,
    You've set yourself a real challenge here and you're very brave to tell everyone. Now you'll have to stick with it!!!
    My approach is much more spasmodic, but I'm still determined.
    I wish you all the best with your endeavours.

  8. Thank you Col. I am attempting to improve my discipline and stick to plans, so public announcement is a good motivation. ;)

    First week was a success. I did 43 pages. Now let's see how the second week goes.