Sunday, 5 July 2009

Finally finished

Finally at about 1:00 am last night, I submitted Assignment F8 to Writers Bureau. I have taken the longest amount of time doing this assignment - though doing it is not the right phrase since there were weeks when I didn't even touch it. This assignment included a short story, for which I used flash-fiction piece completed in June Monthly Challenge. It also included a synopsis for a novel. That took a while to figure out, because I was finally forced to fill in the gaps in my book, rather than focuses only on scenes that came to me willingly. And it included character biographies for 2 of the main characters in the book, which didn't take long. So that's it. Now I have only 2 Fiction assignments left to complete in this course. Next one, I am not too keen on because I have to write a radio story, and for someone who never listens to radio, it will be bit of a hard work.


  1. Yay, good luck with it!

    I'm still on F6, as I've been working on my books instead. My tutor no doubt thinks I've given up!

    Ooh, a radio play? That'll be a weird one for me too.


  2. Focusing on your books is great. I should really do that too, but makes me antsy leaving the course incomplete.