Saturday, 4 July 2009

A Writers Health Spa

I just returned from one-day workshop called "A Writers Health Spa" A saturday very well spent. As the name suggests, it was a spa for writing. We started off checking in at the reception by introducing ourselves, then short exercise to warm up, then some time on the running machine where we worked our brains to come up with a story from a random words received from other members in the class. Throughout the day, I worked on several pieces. Some from prompts, some from words. There are some that I would never go back to, but most positive contribution of today is that I have returned with two distinct scenes that could be part of two different stories. So that has got my at least July Short Story Challenge sorted. :) But really, I love these writing workshops. I don't gain any new knowledge out of them but just by devoting six hours to nothing but relaxed writing, brain comes up with refreshing stuff. At home, I usually focus on writing that I need to do - whether it's a current project or an assignment. But in these workshops, I go with the flow. So far I have attended two workshops, and I love them so much that I will have to sign up for more.


  1. I've never heard of those - but they sound like a lot of fun!

    I'm really enjoying the diary quotes, by the way. Very inspiring.

  2. They are at offered locally here.

    I am glad you are enjoying diary entries. :)